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android spy features summery

Spy Calls.

Call History
call recording
VOIP Calls
IM calls
Restrict calls
Block contacts
time of calls


time of SMS
SMS logs+GPS
sent/received SMS
Deleted SMS.

Social Media Messages.

Whatsapp chats
Viber chats
Line Messages
Gmail Messages

Screen Capture All Chats.

Gmail App
SMS screen

Spy Emails.

Spy sent Gmail
Deleted Gmail.


View gallary.
View Photos.
View Videos.
Deleted Photos.
View Audio.
phone memory/SD.
File explorer


Location tracking
Location change
Set Geofence
Location history

Internet history.

View Bookmarks
browsing history

Security and Personal Use.

Remotely Lock Phon
SIM Change Notifiy
Installed App Logs.
Block internet

Device Info.

Wifi,GPS Status
Carrier Name,
Device Model/IMEI
Sim Number

Password Chaser.

Pin Lock
Pattern lock

Remotely Operation.

App Viewer Dashboard
Web Control Panel
remote lock phone
Remote Update
Wipe target device
Factory reset device
Unlock device
Play ring

Other features.

Spy sent/received/deleted Email

Remote Chat Recording

App Screenshots

Key logs-password

Remotely change software features

Remotely restart device*

Remotely deactivate the software

SMS Remote Commands*

Schedule audio recording

Free Updates

24/7 customer support

Computer spy features summery.

Hidden Screen Recordings.

Spy screen recording

View live screen

screen spy all social media chats:whatsapp,facebook,instagram etc

Remote Pc live Viewer

Live Screenshot of Computer.

Remote File Upload

Remote Chat Recording

Application Screenshots

Documents screenshorts

Track when users lock the screen

Application activity live screenshorts

Installed applications live screenshorts

Audio/webcam video Spy.

turn laptop webcam into a security camera

webcam Video Surveillance

Remote access videos/photos via webcam

Record live video/take live photos

Remotely send alarts to take videos/photos

webcam Video Recording

webcam Motion Detector

Catch intruder via webcam

Watch Live Video without Delay

Powerful Audio/video Surveillance

Environment recording

Take Live Photo/videos.(Using Both webcam)

View webcam videos remotely

Employees monitoring.

Employee time-tracking

Employee negligence and violations detection

Employee timesheet monitoring/reporting

Employee work hours timekeeping

Employee productivity monitoring

Employee productivity analysis reporting

Employee productivity metrics

Generate Reports

Report - Remote Report Emailer

Report - Pc Tracking

Report - Installed Apps Count

Report - Installed softwares

Report - Lost Pc Detail

Generate - Time On Net Report

Generate - Ps Usage Report

Report - Websites Visited link

Report - most visited website.

Report - Keylogger

Report-most used application

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